Course Syllabus - IST 331 Organization and

Design of Information Systems: User and

System Principles

General Course Information

Department IST

Number 331

Title Organization and Design of Information Systems: User and

System Principles

Credits 3

Description Not too many years ago, people gained information from

watching television, listening to the radio, or reading the

newspaper. Now, nearly half the population of the United

States is connected or planning to connect to the Internet.

Recent examples include the release of the "Star Report"

which generated a record number of "hits" that almost

paralyzed the Internet. IST 331 examines these issues, paying

special attention to those problems that are directly impacting

the performance and future of this rapidly expanding market.

The course will expose the "positive and negatives" of the

current information systems. Next, it will factor in the "human

elements" of the equation, and finally, IST 331 will help the IST

major to understand the enormous responsibility of their work

and how they can "make a difference." This course will serve

as an elective course in the Information, Society, and Public

Policy Option of the proposed major in Information Sciences

and Technology.

The material in this course lends itself to active learning

elements such as writing projects, library and internet

research, and collaborative learning. Evaluation will be based

on a combination of examinations, written assignments and

papers, and collaborative projects.

The proposed course has some overlap in content with

existing courses in Psychology, English, Instructional Systems,
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