Course Syllabus - IST 431 The Information


General Course Information

Department IST

Number 431

Title The Information Environment

Credits 3

Description The ways that people communicate and utilize information is

being changed dramatically by new information technologies.

Information and the technologies that are employed by create,

organize, transfer, and utilize that information in a networked

environment, using such global networks as the internet or

internal networks such as intranets, have become a key

component of the global economy. This global environment

can change the way we interact, communicate, and function

on the job and in our daily lives. The new technologies also

raise new economic, legal, ethical, and social issues that are

of grave importance to society. IST 431 examines the overall

context of the new information environment and new technical

issues relating to knowledge management in the global

networked environment. IST 431 is a required course in the

Information, Society and Public Policy Option.

There may be some overlap of material with COMM 405,

COMM 483, COMM 485, PHIL 407, PHIL 423, PHIL 433 and PL

SC 460m but none of these courses cover the same material,

or approach it in the same manner.

Prerequisite None

Objectives Upon completion of this course, the student will gain an

appreciation of the differences between "cyberspace" and the

"real" world. The student will also understand that the

implementation and modern information technologies has
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