Course Syllabus - IST 440W Information

Sciences and Technology Integration and

Problem Solving

General Course Information

Department IST

Number 440W

Title Information Sciences and Technology Integration and Problem


Credits 3

Description This course is the undergraduate capstone for Information

Sciences and Technology majors in the Baccalaureate

degree. It requires students to work collaboratively in teams of

4-6 students, with each team comprised of students from more

than one option and, if possible, more than one campus.

Each team is given a significant real-world problem or issue in

which information technology is part of the solution. Teams will

be expected to manage the project effectively and to

communicate its results clearly to a variety of audiences within

an organization. Major topics include: review of problem-based

and case-based learning; overview of project management

practices; assessment of organizational and technical issues

posed by the scenario; development and testing of work plans

and analysis of options; communication within the group;

communication within a management environment; and

presentation of results to a variety of audiences inside and

outside the organization.

IST students need to understand the organizational and social

contexts in which technology functions. Indeed, many

technology problems are multi-dimensional--they have an

economic dimension, a legal dimension, a human resources

dimension, and so on. This course will require students to

analyze, evaluate, and test alternative solutions and to weigh

their advantages and disadvantages for the organization.
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