Course Syllabus - IST 454 Computer and

Cyber Forensics

General Course Information

Department IST

Number 454

Title Computer and Cyber Forensics

Credits 3

Description Computer and communication technologies have become the

key components to support critical infrastructure services in

various sectors of our society. In an effort to share information

and streamline operations, organizations are creating

complex networked systems and opening their networks to

customers, suppliers, and other business partners. Increasing

network complexity, greater access, and a growing emphasis

on the Internet have made information and network security a

major concern for organizations.

IST 454 focuses on computer and cyber forensics. Students

will learn different aspects of computer and cyber crime and

ways in which to uncover, protect, exploit, and document

digital evidence. Students will be exposed to different types of

tools (both software and hardware), techniques and

procedure, and be able to use them to perform rudimentary

forensic investigations.

A major component of the course will be several hands-on

exercises and a final team-based project. This course will

incorporate collaborative and action-learning experiences

wherever appropriate. Emphasis will be placed on developing

and practicing writing and speaking skills through application

of the concepts, theories and technologies that define the


Integrated throughout are perspectives of computer and
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